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Over ten years ago, I had an idea for a locket. At the time, I was working with engineers.

I began to brainstorm about a locket design that could hold your ring for times when you couldn't wear it.

The locket would be well made, feel good in your hands, and be fun to use. I made sketches and talked with my colleagues. I took a jewelry-making workshop and developed my idea by sketching. In 2008, after moving to Seattle, I found someone to help me make my design a reality. In 2009, Abel Lockets was born.


I currently work with Alchemist Casting, a Seattle-based microfoundary to make my lockets. They cast and assemble the lockets for me and I line them with felt. All customer service and packaging is done by me personally. If you have any questions about my lockets, please send me a message. I respond quickly and love communicating with my clients. Thank you so much for stopping by my website.

Warm wishes,

Mary Beth  

Sole proprietor, visionary, and designer for Abel Lockets

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Silver locket on a silver chain
Owner wearing a locket

"I bought one as a birthday present, and it could not have been more perfect! " — Curt Golden

"I received my locket as a gift and it is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. It’s functional, cleverly designed and beautiful! " — Deborah Gunn

"I have owned an Abel Locket since 2010. Mary Beth was fabulous to work with. I wanted a locket that was not too big but not too small (so that my wedding ring would fit in it) and I liked the idea of having one with a stone. She helped me find exactly the right fit for my style and needs. I ended up selecting a sterling silver locket with a beautiful aquamarine stone and aquamarine cloth coating on the inside of my locket to help protect any items I place inside. I am a naturopathic aesthetican so I first bought the locket thinking it would be the perfect way to store my wedding ring while I was giving facials (since I am not able to wear rings while giving a facial). In the end I ended up incorporating it into my jewelry wardrobe and anytime I wear it I always get compliments. It is a beautiful bold piece, that is also incredibly well crafted and classic, while having a practical function. Brilliant! " — Holly Newman 

"I wanted to let you know that I received my gorgeous locket & chain. The locket is Awesome and the chain is perfect
for it. I appreciate your help and awesome work! My mom's rings are safely inside my locket and I will wear them proudly! I'll be back soon to shop." —Dorothy Combs

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