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I was born in 1969, the year of the moon landing, and I had this locket idea as I was thinking of how I wanted to celebrate my 50th birthday last year.  I decided to have a moon landing party. I had a moon landing dress made and this locket, of course! And I did have a great party!


So, this locket celebrates my 50th birthday and, of course, the amazing achievement of flying to and landing on the moon.


The three little astronauts and lunar module are made exclusively for me by LaurasLittleUniverse here on Etsy. The whole gang and lunar module fit in the locket when it is closed! When you buy this locket, you receive a set of these three astronauts, a flag, and the lunar module; only the necklace is not included.


The locket is made out of Sterlium Plus (a tarnish-resistant fine silver alloy with germanium that is ultra white in color; it is the best alloy for a locket because it has moving parts; Sterlium Plus is sourced from a green responsible refiner). This locket stays closed with a latch that opens up and to the right parallel to the locket surface. Small magnets inside the locket also help it stay closed. 


The locket's dimensions are that it has a diameter of 38 mm. The height with bail is 50 mm. The interior depth is 26 mm.

The engravings on the inside of the locket say:
Apollo 11, July 20, 1960 (on the left)
Houston, Tranquility Base, here. The Eagle has landed. -- Neil Armstrong, Mission Commander


The locket and its moon landing contents are shipped to you beautifully packaged and comes with a polishing cloth and personalized customer care letter.

Moon landing silver locket

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